Second lease.. A work in progress. 98 days post the operation. Standing tall.

Another milestone. Walking around the mall and climbing up tall stair cases.

Playing with my son’s toys as recommended by my Therapist for hand grip and foot exercises. then Lexi was like dada get off my scooter. hahaha

Milestone!! Another great therapy today. Walking normally inside the house and gripping my honhon’s hand.

Conquered the ramp and a few flights of stairs today. Awesome theraphy this morning. Fingers started feeling sensations as well. Miracles do happen if u just put your mind to it.

@mommynancya @mhguina @mhguina @yvetteericka @andyyygram @kristinjoybautista Basking in the early sun while waiting for the therapist. Cant wait for all this to be over. @lexiguina

Stoked to see one of my large #Fineart #photography prints at home! 40x90 on an #Epson velvet. Thanks for the gift hon! I love it! #Happy 41st! (at Rayfont Hotel)

#Baby @lexiguina upclose (at Rayfont Hotel)

#InteriorDesign Predicament: Small space of 2 private offices with discussion areas. My solution? Build a #cool rotating platform rotate & force ‘em to share. #Fauxpas but it works. (at iapm)

Pollock or Picasso? I still cant tell :) #baby @lexiguina ‘s first #artwork at 13 months. (at Rayfont Hotel)